Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes HGS different from other hair growth products?
A. After years of research Xcel Nutraceuticals has scientifically designed a product that will not only block androgens and estrogens from poisoning hair follicle beds preventing hair loss but also will accelerate natural growth rate of hair by using a proprietary blend (patent pending) of amino acids, fruit extracts, natural and essential oils. Other hair growth products on the market are “me-too” products copying Rogaine and Propecia. Others contain purported natural components that block DHT accumulation in the scalp.

Q. Why should I use Xcel HGS instead of hair growth products like Rogaine or Propecia?
A. Unlike Rogaine or Propecia, which use synthetic drugs with known and documented dangerous side effects, Xcel HGS, is a natural based formula that contains substances known to be non-toxic to humans. Furthermore, Xcel HGS is designed to accelerate the natural growth rate of hair where the other products only claim to prevent hair loss.

Q. How long will it take before any results are noticable?
Although results may vary research data and testimonials results indicate noticeable changes to your hair in about four weeks. The results also suggest that hair growth occurs at a faster rate in individuals younger than 40 years of age. These studies further imply that the rate of new hair growth is more prominent in older women than in older men. Regardless of male or female genders continuing use of Xcel HGS should result in significant growth in four months.

Q. Does Xcel HGS work on all hair types?
A. DHT and estrogen type hormones are found in all races and ethnic backgrounds. Although, the morphology of hair (coarse, straight, curly) differs among the races the nutritional needs for hair in all people are the same. Xcel HGS will be effective on any type hair regardless of race or ethnic background.

Q. I am bald. Will Xcel HGS help my hair to grow back?
A. Unfortunately, Xcel HGS has not shown any effect on men who are bald. In order for Xcel HGS to have some effect there must be some hair strands present in the scalp.

Q. Are there any other hair and scalp disorders or diseases Xcel will work on?
A. Yes. Xcel HGS is not only effective for eczema but also for mild psoriasis (dandruff) and problems of the scalp.  Xcel HGS is also effective for the control of ringworm of the scalp.  For severe scalp problems use both Xcel HGS and Xcel SO.

Q. Will HGS make my hair oily?
A. Most of our customers do not experience this because the oils are absorbed shortly after application. HGS does contain essential oils that are vital nutrition for your hair/scalp. If you already are prone with oily hair, as an alternative you can apply at night before bedtime and shampoo your hair as usual in the morning.

Q. Why should I use Xcel SO instead of Elidel or other prescribed medications?
A. While most prescribed medicines uses harmful steroids Xcel SO is a blend of harmless plant, flower, and fruit extracts combined with selected amino acids, organic acids, natural and essential oils, and vitamins. Based on our studies and testimonials, Xcel SO relieves itching, dry-cracking skin, and reduces inflammation faster than other products currently used.

Q. Are there any side effects using Xcel SO?
No. All ingredients used are safe and have no known side effects.

Q. How long will it take for Xcel SO to take effect?
Since no two individuals are alike, results will vary. Based on our research studies and testimonials, the effect of Xcel SO in mild eczema cases can be seen in 24 to 36 hours, in moderate eczema outburst from 48 to 72 hours, and extreme eczema cases from 4 to 7 days. Continuing use of Xcel SO should clear the eczema in a few days to two weeks. However, people who have extreme case of eczema may take as long as a month before the skin is clear.

Q. Can Xcel SO be used on other skin problems?
Xcel can be used to help relieve symptoms associated with contact dermatitis and psoriasis. Xcel SO has also been shown to clear ringworm and reducing the inflammation and itching associated with minor insect bites.

Q. Will Xcel SO work on psoriasis of the skin on?
Yes. However, our studies indicate psoriasis of the skin is more difficult to control than eczema. Limited results show it might take 1 to 3 months for persons who suffer from psoriasis to realize significant relieve. However, continuing use of Xcel SO should result in clear, smoother, and less scaly skin problems.

Q. Can Xcel SO be used for eczema or psoriasis of the scalp?
Yes. Xcel SO should be used in combination with Xcel HGS by individuals when eczema or psoriasis is severe. Use Xcel SO first to reduce inflammation and to heal the scalp. Once the scalp is healed, use Xcel HGS to manage skin disorders and to assist the healthy growth of hair.