How to Avoid Traction Alopecia
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Traction alopecia, gradual temporary or permanent hair loss caused by frequent pulling or twisting of the hair follicle, occurs when hairstyles abuse hair by tugging tightly on it. Traction alopecia is more common in women than men, but can be avoided.

Check for symptoms of traction alopecia. These include an itchy red scalp, hair breakage around the scalp, bald patches and tension headaches.

Wear your hair loose often if you are experiencing these symptoms. If you have to wear your hair up for work, take it down when you're not working.

Massage your scalp regularly to get the circulation flowing.

Braid your hair loosely. If you are having your hair braided by someone else and you feel the hair is being pulled too tightly, tell them you don't want it tight. It may look better in a tight braid, but you save your hair follicles if you wear a loose braid.

Stop using chemical treatments on your hair to avoid hair loss. Bleaches, dyes and hair straighteners can make the hair fragile and cause traction alopecia.

Have hair extensions that are fused or sewn into the hair removed as soon as possible.

It is possible to eliminate or reduce the effects of traction alopecia if the condition is caught early enough.

If you experience traction alopecia, it may take up to three months to recover. In some instances where your scalp has been chronically subjected to hair loss, it may never recover. Check with a dermatologist if your problem continues.